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About US

Hi there! We are a SuperSmile Dental Tourism Hub for Montenegro.


Our Find & Book Dentist Platform helps you to find and hire an on demand dentist, accommodation and transfer.  


It's easy & free. Try & come by.

Combine your travel with high quality dental services

As a virtual concierge we offer support for booking dentist appointments, transfer, accommodation and excursions.


We also provide information about flights, road, rail and ship traffic, tourist and travel agencies, food & beverage, entertainment, manifestations and other relevant support for tourists.

Our Services

Our Team

Our Story and Mission

Boris Marđonović, Creative Director & SuperSmile Manager
Boris Marđonović (right), Creative Director & SuperSmile Manager

SuperSmile project started as a political idea to improve the tourist offer in Ulcinj/Ulqin.


Nobody thought that a local political idea would result in a tangible tourist product and brand.


At the very beginning, we wanted to build an online and mobile booking marketplace dedicated to connecting tourists with local dentists.


The start-up process was challenging but exiting.  We had only an official database of dentists in Montenegro.


The first step was to gather them and convince to share our dental tourism vision.


These young and open minded people have highest education acquired in the big centers outside Montenegro, but also rich familiar traditions.


They also speak several foreign languages, have the most modern dental equipment and passionately love their work.


Ulcinj, 29.07.2018. The first meeting about the SuperSmile Dental Hub

We quickly agreed on standards and procedures. Nobody will enter the system, without accepting all recent professional standard.


We worked out the legal framework for accountability and the safe provision of services. The next step was a digital platform that supports 3-click solutions.


After that the reservation system was ready, which had to be simple and reliable for patients and convenient for dentists to reduce phone calls and manual records. Automatic reminders should reduce the No-shows.


We visited personally all dental offices and made photos and online presentations. Our business model is primarily oriented to the patients.


In the next phase, we will gather quality accommodations near the selected clinics.


Transfers, tours and other services will be also available per three clicks.


Our long term vision is to promote Montenegro as a top destination for holidays, health and wellness.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Christiane, Frankfurt | I will always remember my first visit of Montenegro by the great time and whitened teeth.


Perfect service, thorough examination and cleaning before whitening. Everything pain free. 


The average costs in Germany where at least 650 €, compared to the Montenegrin 150 € for tooth whitening by jaw and 50 € for over-the-counter bleaching trays and strips.


Actually my  teeth paid my vacation.

Indira, Zürich | We often travel in Montenegro and I always use to visit my second trusted dentist.


Last year I decided to install two implants in Bar.


Very high quality, West European standards, state of the art technologies and undeniably affordable prices.

Zejxhan, Bruxelles | My eternal dream was to improve my visual appearance.


I always wanted to have smooth smile lines, crow's feet around the eyes and to plump up my lips and cheeks.


After reading many reviews and the dental office confirmed that the dermal fillers are an option for me, I decided to fill my cheeks and wrinkles in Ulcinj&Ulqin.


Very professional service and a super price.

Our History

2013 LidaMard is founded by the fashion designer Lida Mardjonovic with the aim to become a high fashion brand in Montenegro.

Where you can find us?

We are based in Kotor and Ulqin/Ulcinj. Please find more about our Company in the IMPRESSUM


MONTENEGRO | KOTOR 85330 - Ljuta, Trg Sv. Petra 1 | ULQIN / ULCINJ 85360 - Pinješ, Kosovska 10

https://goo.gl/maps/iIAvk                                      https://goo.gl/maps/3a4issRQ7Kv

Mob/Viber/WhatsApp: +382 (0)69 202 957 | Email: supersmilemontenegro@gmail.com





Mob/Viber/WhatsApp: +382 (0)69 202 957 | supersmilemontenegro@gmail.com

MONTENEGRO | ULCINJ 85360 - Pinješ, Kosovska 10 



SuperSmile-Montenegro is owned by the High Fashion brand LidaMard.

Our second brand provides intellectual services, digitalization and marketing.