Dr Dina Pelinkoviq Kraja

OSA Dina Ulcinj/Ulqin

Dr stom. Dina Pelinkoviq Kraja Ulcinj Ulqin
Dr stom. Dina Pelinkoviq Kraja

Working hours: Mon-Fr 09-14 h and on demand


Dr. stom. Dina Pelinkoviq Kraja is general dentist in Ulcinj/Ulqin. She is graduated at the Dental Medicine Faculty of Belgrade University. She speaks Albanian, Montenegrin, German and Englisch. From 23.10.2020 - 26.04.2020 she will be replaced by Dr Arlinda Sefa because of maternity. Dr Sefa speaks English and Albanian.



OSA Dina 

Dom zdravlja, Bulevar Majke Tereze bb

85360 - Ulcinj, Montenegro

(The Dental Office is situated in the renovated building of the public Health Center in Ulcinj (near main roundabout)



Mob/Viber: +382 69 53 52 52 Ms Lida Marđonović, Assistent

Mob/Viber: +382 69 711 255 Dr Dina Pelinkoviq Kraja


Email: dr.dinapelinkovic@gmail.com

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